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A wealth of psychic information is available to us once we tap into key sources for spiritual guidance, healing, and alignment. If you feel lost or stuck in life and can’t pinpoint the problem, then psychic readings can be a valuable resource for obtaining closure, answering pressing questions, and finding the path you are meant to be on. 


As a professional psychic medium, I work with a variety of tools and techniques to uncover valuable insights, connect with spirit guides, and provide spiritual healing to clients in need. If your chakras are unsettled or out of balance, I can assist with a chakra cleansing ritual that will rid your body of unwanted, harmful negative energy. Chakra balancing is an essential step in maintaining your spiritual health, and I also offer chakra jewelry that will help keep your chakras balanced.

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I also perform readings that utilize essential oils and crystal tools. Essential oils and crystals carry different associations with energies, emotions, intents, spirit guides, chakras, and more. I am familiar with these tools’ psychic symbolism and power and can use them to help you achieve peace of mind. 


As a psychic medium, I specialize in issues around love, marriage, and divorces. If you are struggling with your relationship or trying to find love, tarot card readings and palm reading both provide helpful insight into your inner world and potential spiritual roadblocks to achieving happy, healthy relationships. 

Contact The Little Psychic Shop By Patricia today for accurate, powerful psychic readings that will give you the guidance you have been searching for.

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